Starting off as an Amateur Artist

Okay, so this is my first day as a blogger. Kinda excited 😀 but have like no clue how this thing works. I’ve watched a couple of youtube videos to get an idea about how to write blogs and stuffs. It’s actually kinda easy once you start using it. The main reason behind starting my own blog is to see myself improving as an artist, hence the title 😉 . And I want to see people’s reactions( if there are any reading my blog) and their honest opinions on how I am doing as an artist. Your valuable comments would actually help me to brush up my skill and make me realize that I am actually growing as an artist. So I’ll be uploading my artworks here,  some digital and some traditional. Most of these are anime drawings because I’m an avid fan of anime 😀 I’m a self-taught artist so please don’t leave any mean comments -_- if you don’t like any of my drawings. I would really appreciate it if you criticize my work and give me tips on how to improve in that particular area 🙂 . I know nobody’s going to read this long, never-ending blog unsure but if somebody takes some time off to read this please do know that it would mean a world to me and you would have atleast one person who respects you without even knowing how you look like, or how popular or rich you are :D. You are loved my friend heart heart 

Ok so anyways I’ll be posting mostly Mark Crilley’s inspired artworks because I just love his tutorials and then some of my own works. BTW I hate art theives madthumbsdownthumbsdown so please don’t use my artworks without referring my name. 

You can follow me on:

Instagram: anart1308


Cheerio hehesketch146125451


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