Day 8(Shine Bright like a Diamond)

I’ve always had trouble drawing male characters. Whenever I try to draw one they always end up looking like female-ish men 😛 . Maybe the reason is lack of practice or maybe my unwillingness to draw male characters. I think I’m more inclined to drawing anime girls or any characters relating to the female species.


As an artist, well as an amateur artist -_- (not trying to sound too professional :P) I find women more beautiful to draw—long hair, curves, beautiful eyes, it’s a very big challenge to draw beautiful female characters, trying to match or even trying to remotely resemble the real beauty that women possess and I’m not saying this because I fall under the same category 😛 . I love drawing them because I get to experiment with their hair, eyes ,postures, body structures and the way they symbolize beauty within them. No offence to men. Men are beautiful too 😉 but I guess I still haven’t realized that because, like I said before, I suck at drawing male characters  :/ , so I’m sure as soon as I become as good in drawing men as I am good in drawing women(well not that good though) I’ll have just as much fun drawing the male characters as I do when drawing female characters. So I really need a lot of practicing to do to appreciate both these species’ beauty from an ‘amateur’ artist’s perspective but in the meantime enjoy this post which includes digital artworks of my OCs. Both of these artworks include profile views of my OCs. I tried to give these a kind of abstract look. Hope you like it ^_^


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